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parents health information babies, newborns, breast & bottle feeding,
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parents health information babies, newborns, breast & bottle feeding,

parents health information babies, newborns, breast & bottle feeding,


parents health information babies, newborns, breast & bottle feeding,

NEWS FOR NEW PARENTS -- One study of 845 children found pacifiers contributed to a quarter of the middle-ear infections suffered by those younger than age 3. It's believed the children had an increased risk of infection because sucking a pacifier may alter the pressure difference between the middle ear and the nose and throat, allowing germs to spread. The researchers advise parents to not allow babies to use pacifiers after they're 10 months old.

FOR PARENTS -- One study found children had large vocabularies if their families discussed a broad range of topics at mealtimes.

ANOTHER PARENTING TIP -- Encouraging your child to maintain a consistent bedtime may pay off in the classroom, according to a recent study of high school students.

Those who reported earning mainly A's and B's went to bed earlier on both week nights and weekends than those who received D's and F's, and the high achievers averaged about 35 minutes more sleep per day than the low achievers.

FYI -- One study found that bottle-fed babies suffer 50% more illnesses - including ear infections, meningitis and pneumonia - than those who are breast-fed.

FOR PARENTS -- To help your children stand up against violence: Teach them to respond with calm but firm words when someone insults, threatens or hits another person. Help them understand it takes more courage and leadership to resist violence than to accept it.

FOR PARENTS -- One of the best predictors of whether children will avoid drugs is whether they practice a religion.

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