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Article a "Healthy or Normal" Bowel Movement (Function).

Most experts agree that you should have at least one bowel movement each day, and it is even healthier to have two. Some even believe that you should have a bowel movement an hour or two after each meal. Generally speaking, if you have one each day you would be doing better than most people. However, it is important to have them on a regular basis so that waste material does not remain in your colon too long.

Your stool should be soft, yet well formed and easily eliminated-not dense and hard. One way to evaluate it is to observe whether or not it naturally floats upon elimination-it should float rather than sink. If you are not eliminating on at least a daily basis, there is a good possibility that some of the toxins your body is trying to eliminate may be absorbed back into your bloodstream from your colon.

It is important to remember that what seems to be "normal" is not necessarily "healthy". So, if you are one of those individuals who are "normal", you may still not have "healthy" bowel function. To help support your body's natural elimination processes, there are several factors to keep in mind. Of all of them four are especially important: include adequate fiber in your diet, drink plenty of water, maintain healthy micro flora in your colon and walk some each day.

The fiber and water in your diet helps to insure that your stool contains plenty of fibrous material and is hydrated properly. This facilitates bulk, lubrication and movement through your whole digestive tract, including your colon. Healthy levels of micro flora in the colon help to maintain proper pH and several other important factors.

They play a big role in healthy bowel ecology. To support healthy bowel ecology you can find sources of lactobacillus in yogurt containing active and live culture as well as various forms of supplementation. And, importantly, there is no question that walking is a great way to help your natural elimination process.

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